About Us
What is the underlying crosscurrent of intelligence of our Yuga?

As we humans take giant leaps towards adopting non-biological intelligence as a core import of our modern societies, how do we make sense of the oldest civilisation that has the greatest repositories of combined experiential knowledge of many millennia? Is a quest to identify the algorithmic construct of Bharat that can redefine our new intelligence the ultimate journey of our times?

Join this journey of a civilisational self discovery

Every week, week after week, we shall explore various facets that concur to formulate the transcendent theory of a new India filtered through the prism of her experiential intelligence. The science of mass behaviour, the mathematical models of political currents, the alternate destinies of health trajectories, the impending gloom of data colonisation, the Advaitic assemblage of memory, intelligence and knowledge, the economic theories of a Neo Social Factory, the simplistic exploration of Vedantic village habitats and many such alternate nodes of destiny shall combine together to formulate the final algorithms of Bharat through my writings and podcasts. I welcome you to be a part of this very exciting journey.