2 PM Report, Final Phase: Focus on Himachal and Punjab

The Final Phase 2 PM looks at the contrast of two military states

Interactions of the civilizational state of India with democracy: A phase 6

India is a civilizational state and her interactions with democracy cannot be dictated by the west

2 PM report on Phase 6: Focus on Delhi and Haryana

Is there any sympathy for Kejriwal? How is the relative strength of Modi wave

Phase 5: The 2 PM Report: Focus on Maharashtra

As Mumbai votes, we look at how it is looking at 2 PM

Calling the 2024 elections after 4 phases

We unleash the 2024 elections and the 3 scenarios

Phase 4: Evening Report: India has voted!

The stunning numbers from Phase 4 in the evening report

Phase 4: The 2 PM Report: Focus on Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

The 2 PM report of phase 4 election focussing on Telangana and Andhra

The rediscovery of USHV: Phase 3 Election Report

The final Report on Phase 3 Elections of 2024

The Evening Report of Phase 3 elections 2024

The Evening Report of Phase 3, 2024 Election

Phase 3: The 2 PM Report: Focus on Karnataka

The Phase 3 of Election 2024: A 2 PM report Focussed on Karnataka

In Search of a political plateau: Full analysis of phase 2 election

Yadgir assembly segment in northern Karnataka is a rare seat which had elected anti-Congress leaders for four straight elections after independence. Local folklore, therefore tells the story of 1978, when Mrs Indira Gandhi came on a chopper, waved her hands at the waiting thousands of people and flew back.

Evening Report on Phase 2: Is BJP dipping or climbing?

One of the unique features of Indian election is that trends are always expanding and rarely do they ever change. We Indians have this unique ability to collectively arrive at decisions and then homogenously execute that decision region after region. Unlike say the US, where verdicts keep altering from one state to another, we are more of a consciously uniform society in our political thinking barring a few states like a Tamil Nadu or a Kerala.

Analysing the strategic contrasts of 2024 between BJP and the Congress

The year was 1988 and there was a special booth in the Talkatora stadium of Delhi where thousands of workers including MLAs, panchayat leaders and district unit chiefs would stand in que to enter their details on a “computer” in that special session of the Congress party.

The altered reality of mass behavioural patterns: Phase 1 of the 2024 Election Cycle

The post-COVID electorate of India has been a bit shifty as we have observed in quite a few assembly elections. From Bihar to Bengal to Karnataka to Chhattisgarh, a substantial chunk of voters have changed their stance on voting day, either for purely transactional reasons

Is Operation Blooming Lotus in Tamil Nadu a success?

History is a culmination of Human willpower, not merely an art of record keeping. When Arulmozhi Varman was hailed as “K?ndal?r ??lai Kalam-arutta” – the destroyer of K?ndal?r, the present day Kerala – he attained greatness so unparalleled that he was bequeathed the title of “emperor of emperors”, the Raja Raja Chola. His primary ambition was to create a stable and integral Chola empire, creating history was merely an afterthought.

The Big Question: Has BJP outperformed 2019?

The 2019 election was the then peak of the BJP and NDA at the national level that was not achieved by any party or alliance since 1991 (breaching the 35th percentile). As it is, maintaining that high watermark of the 2019 performance is a herculean task in itself, especially considering that BJP and its allies had peaked in most of its core states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Karnataka and even Maharashtra.

Classifying the 2024 elections for history books2

Almost exactly a decade ago, on the 7 th of April, 2014, something very unusual was unfolding in the sleepy north-eastern town of Jorhat that would have far reaching consequences on Indian politics. Today, it all seems like preordained destiny, but back then, without the benefit of hindsight, political trends were still quite fuzzy and unclear.